The thread protectors are picked up, brought into our shop, reconditioned, visually inspected, and delivered back to our customers.

Our mission is to help facilitate oil and gas service companies to protect the environment by preventing thousands of tons of plastics and pipe joint compounds from entering landfills each year.


In 2017, there was an estimate of 267 million tons of municipal solid waste. Of that, plastic was 35.3 million tons or 13.2% of generation. And it continues to grow.

Do you know the disposal of thread protectors with threading compound or pipe dope can result in fines? The U.S. EPA Criminal Enforcement Office reported a total value of $109M for fines and restitution in the FY2019.

By minimizing impact to the environment and by saving the company money, our recovery program provides businesses like yours with a RECYCLING option for their thread protectors instead of disposal. By reconditioning, we are REDUCING the amount of future waste. Our reconditioning process helps the environment by REUSING the thread protectors.

Our cleaning process is environmentally friendly. We use SAFETY-KLEEN PREMIUM GOLD SOLVENT, a service company that helps facilitate our mission, by leading the way in responsible environmental solutions.