was formed in the Summer of 2019.

We are a small start-up company with 30 years of industry experience. Our experience includes drilling in areas on Land, Shelf, Deep, and Ultra Deep Water environments. Our goal is to provide a safe and quality service with 100% customer satisfaction.

We are an oilfield thread protector cleaning business. We provide the customer with a cost-effective solution to the never-ending accumulation of dirty and damaged thread protectors at their facility. We pick up, clean, process, and deliver your reconditioned thread protectors. The recycling is performed utilizing a machine and a step by step process to ensure consistent results.

Sperry X recycles damaged and nonconformance thread protectors in-house to ensure all pipe dope and joint compounds are removed and properly disposed of.

Our goal is to help companies Go Green through source reduction, recycling, treatment, and disposal of thread protectors. Utilizing our unique service, we are certain we can accomplish the goal.